Matthew Day

Monday, November 02, 2015

On 29 October, 2015, 18 Australian performers came together for the first time to begin rehearsals for Project 31 Temporary Title, 2015 with Xavier Le Roy and Scarlet Yu at Carriageworks. One of the Australian performers, Matthew Day, reflects on his experiences.


We are discussing movements of the imagination, following images, planting seeds, getting affected.

We sit in a circle to talk - sometimes we stand or sit in two groups opposite each other and play games. It is only on breaks or in the in-between moments that we stand, walk. Otherwise we are down low.

Notes on Rules, or using a ruler to tear a piece of paper in half:

At some point before lunch we had a discussion about the ‘rules’ of the work - there was some anxiety about knowing and being able to follow these correctly.

Xavier said something very beautiful about it being just as boring to follow a rule as it is to break it, that neither of these relationships to rules is particularly interesting. Rather, how can we use rules? Maybe like tools?

- Matthew Day (performer)





Temporary Title, 2015 will be exhibited to the public at Track 8, Carriageworks:

Friday 20 November, 3-9pm
Saturday 21 November, 12-6pm

Sunday 22 November, 12-6pm

The exhibition is free of charge, and no bookings are required.