The Kaldor Public Art Projects Digital Archive


The Kaldor Public Art Projects archive is a rich repository that tells the story of more than 50 years of making art public.

Since 1969, Kaldor Public Art Projects has created groundbreaking projects with Australian and international artists in public spaces, changing the landscape of contemporary art in Australia with projects that resonate around the world.

Our archive has been collected over more than 50 years, and includes photographs, original artists’ books and sketches, letters and postcards, technical drawings, production logistics, negotiations and contracts, press clippings, and more. Featuring rare and original documentation on the process of realising large-scale, temporary public art projects, the Digital Archive serves as a valuable online resource for researchers, artists, students, teachers and members of the public.

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In 2022 the Kaldor Public Art Projects physical archive was donated to the Art Gallery of NSW where it is now part of the National Art Archive.

To visit the physical archive, please contact the National Art Archive via this link: