Lux Eterna

Friday, November 06, 2015

I am guided to enter the space without shoes and intuit my coordinates of inertia. My feet find a point quite central to the space and I sit on the floor. I wish to be close to the lions.

My eyes first rest at their shoulders, arms and hands upon which they are proudly propped up, intermittently shifting their weight around and down at times to allow their entire bodies to cover more surface area of the floor. I watch how their shoulder blades and hip bones jut up from their main carriage with each strut. They purposefully move around, they breathe, they roll over and scratch the smalls of their backs against a rather roughly textured carpet. With exception to this abrasive weave, part of me yearns to do the same.

A sense of innocence and naiveté washes into my perceptions of Xavier Le Roy's Temporary Title 2015, despite the beautifully represented continuum of age marked by human bodies of the young and the mature.

The more I sit into the experience, the more relaxed I feel. I notice how much everything slows down and how comfortable I am in it. Space begins to do funny things when you slow time down. As does memory. I look up - after my first conversation with a lion named Eugene, who invited me to exchange offerings on what falling in and out of love is like - I see a heap of bodies. I see hands in the air. I see legs in the air. My inner vision projects a sight, of reaching out my own limbs, but I feel unable. Still, I slip further into a timeless and meditative gaze and this unfolding starts seeming all too familiar. The view of naked bodies and raised limbs, are perhaps emblematic of one's infancy. Nurtured in one's vulnerability. Such a beautiful feeling, such a beautiful space.

I sink deeper into my gaze and lower my body on the floor so that I am on my stomach looking up at the lions. I rest. Time passes.

In one collective shift of subtly tapping into each other, suddenly, they herd themselves in an asymmetric arc around the space, bringing me a gift. A lion by the name of Becky takes up vicinity and unconsciously paws my bag. Her head turns, I do mine to match hers, we acknowledge each other, smile and begin a rather profound dialogue, spanning age, time, dance, authenticity, women, the physical body, invisibility cloaks and voices from the void.

The event draws to a close - I sit in gentle repose, feeling taken care of and nurtured, as I have spent my time today, perfectly.


-Lux Eterna, visitor, open rehearsal, 5 November 2015.