How to measure the universe

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Our Communications Intern, Katrina McLaughlin had a chat with Marianne, one of our gallery attendants about her experience here at Parramatta Town Hall for Project 28: Roman Ondák. Have a read about what it takes to measure the universe.

What do you find to be the most interesting part of taking part in this work?
I really love the way some people get so excited about participating in the work.  They get this sense of glee, where it’s like they’re being a kid again, it’s great to watch.   I think it’s quite a nostalgic experience for a lot of people.

Have you had any particularly interesting interactions with visitors?

There was one little boy dressed in a cardboard costume of Mad Max, he was definitely one of my favourites! There was also one lady who was a watercolour painter, who did a fantastic sketch of me in the gallery.
One of the more challenging measurements was when I was writing one man’s Chinese name – I learnt Chinese at school but my handwriting is not the best.  I had to practise on my notepad but he assured me that it was ‘readable’!  



How do visitors react to the work?
It’s really great when visitors come in not knowing much about how the work is created, then once we explain how the artwork is created they see things differently, they and they look around with a real sense of awe at all the names and what they represent.


How do people choose where they’d like to be measured?

We’ve had a few people wanting to be measured next to others of the same name – earlier there were three Johns visiting at the same time and they wanted to make their mark next to each other.  At this point though, we’re just trying to find an empty space on the wall!