Yoga on the Soil

Join a free yoga class on the soil of Asad Raza’s Absorption.

The class will be led by Caroline Coggins, a principal Iyengar yoga teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience and the Director of the Yoga Centre, East Redfern. This will be a simple and unforgettable experience.

All levels of yoga are welcome. Participants are advised that mats will not be provided and are encouraged to bring their own, or be prepared to participate directly on the soil surface.

Please note there are no change room facilities or lockers available on site. We encourage participants to leave valuables at home.


Caroline Coggins

We are temporary beings and yet our impact on others, our communities, our earth, is not temporary. Mostly we are not happy, rather, we are frightened by our temporary status; we want to go on and on.

Good soil produces plants, air and all life, which sustains, enlivens and harmonises. So too a Good human is one who understands their impact on everything around them. We are like the soil, needing air, time to mature, a capacity to be compost and just good ingredients and values to allow flourishing for those who are part of our ecology.

Water will flow through the earth, so too the flow of spirit must flow through us. This is the place we share, it is not ours.

Yoga is a lubricating agent, it creates good healthy soil. Tonnes of it, for all to enjoy. Lets feel the goodness of the soil, be nourished and strengthened, putting our roots into her, ready to flourish.


Thursday 16 May, 12:15–1pm

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The Clothing Store, Carriageworks, Eveleigh


FREE. No registrations required