How do audiences engage with performance art?  Kent Buchanan, Curator, Western Plains Cultural Centre, explores the increasing role of performance art within art programs and institutions across Australia, with particular reference to the regional context. 

He is joined by Jo Higgins, Kaldor Public Art Projects Regional Engagement Coordinator, and a selection of the young adults who have participated in our pilot regional engagement program, developed and presented in collaboration with key Western Plains Cultural groups. Their reflections on the informal, immersive three-month learning experience, on performance art and on Marina Abramović’s pioneering approach form the basis of a lively discussion.

Kent Buchanan
has been working in the arts and culture industry for the past 17 years. He is currently Curator of Western Plains Cultural Centre (WPCC) in Dubbo and is responsible for a range of projects relating to Dubbo Regional Gallery and Dubbo Regional Museum. Prior to this role, Kent was Education / Public Programs Officer at Dubbo Regional Gallery for seven years. Kent has served on panels and committees for organisations such as the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA), Regional Arts NSW, Regional & Public Galleries of NSW and Museums & Galleries NSW. He has written articles and essays for publication in a range of journals and catalogues.

Jo Higgins is Marketing and Regional Engagement Coordinator at Kaldor Public Art Projects. She is a digital content specialist, writer and education consultant with 10 years experience. From 2011-2013 she managed the online resource for the Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project in London, a world first peer-led gallery education project led by the South London Gallery in partnership with Tate, Whitechapel Gallery, the Hayward Gallery and the Royal Academy of Art. From 2008-2013 she was UK Contributing Editor for Artlink magazine and her book for London's National Portrait Gallery, 21st Century Portraits, was published in 2013.