Audio Description

Kaldor Public Art Projects has enhanced access to Jonathan Jones' 'barrangal dyara (skin and bones)' for people who are blind and sight impaired through the provision of audio description.

Audio Description increases the accessibility of visual arts and media for people who are blind, partially sighted, or have print or cognitive disabilities, through auditory narration of visual content. It is an inclusive practice recognised worldwide that aims to provide what sighted audiences take for granted - the opportunity to participate more fully in cultural experiences.

This initiative includes an audio described overview of the artwork, and three walking tours, to enable use on-site over the long weekend, or a virtual experience for those unable to visit in person.

Audio Description by Insightful with thanks to Artist Jonathan Jones, Curator Emma Pike and Public Programs Manager Sue Saxon, for assistance in development. Thanks to interpellators Liam, Rebekah, Rachel, Anna & Alison for additional input.