Led by Dr Susan Murphy

The western philosophical tradition has tended to discuss mind and body in dualistic terms. This talk investigates how far the idea of ‘embodied experience’ sustains such a split, and how consequential and damaging such a split has been for our relationship to the natural world. We draw on the writings of Thomas Berry, Wendell Berry, Paul Shepard, Barry Lopez, Gary Snyder and others, as well as the riches of the 1400-year tradition of Chan (Zen), with its roots in Buddhism, and in Taoist and Confucian philosophy, to consider the cost of the splitting of body/mind, mind/nature to the Earth’s sustainability, and how we might expand our relationship with the Earth and connect more deeply with the natural world.

Dr Susan Murphy is the founding teacher of Zen Open Circle, Sydney, and teacher for the Melbourne Zen Group, as well as a writer, former academic, and freelance filmmaker and radio producer. She is the author of Minding the Earth, Mending the World (2012).