Art, Science, technology and the brain

Meeting of Minds is convened by Dr Lizzie Muller and Dr George Khut, and presented by Kaldor Public Art Projects in collaboration with UNSW Art and Design.

Meeting of Minds responds to Marina Abramović’s interest in the combination of art and science and the exploration of the brain. Drawing on groundbreaking creative research from UNSW Art and Design, this program brings together prototypes and provocative presentations that probe how we imagine, investigate and influence our brain through new technologies.

Audiences will have a chance to experience interactive prototypes, including a soundscape that responds to changing brain-wave patterns, an immersive virtual reality visualisation of a brain in action, and a 3D experimental reconstruction of the landscape of visual memory.

Two fascinating panel discussions, chaired by Dr Lizzie Muller, will bring together artists, theorists and neuroscientists to discuss with the audience the entanglement of art, science and the brain.

Traces the strange connections and fluctuating boundaries between science, spirituality, experiment and therapy. It examines practices that explore the borders of knowledge, challenge orthodoxies and pioneer new ways of imagining and influencing the mind.

Hans Berger and His Strange Waves - Artist Pia van Gelder will talk about the invention of electroencephalography and its connections with historical understandings of telepathy, electromagnetism and the aether.

Contemplative Interactions - Artist George Khut talks about his current work with composer James P. Brown using neurofeedback technologies to track changes in attention during meditation. Dr Patricia Morgan discusses the peculiar language that emerges after people’s experience of meditation, and how these ways of thinking link with creativity and body-based learning.

Digital Art and Mental Health - Curator Vanessa Bartlett discusses her recent exhibition Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a digital age, which addressed the connections between mental health and the values, political conditions and technologies that structure our lives.

Explores the conflicts and confluences between artistic, medical and scientific approaches to the mind, examining the rhetoric of visualisation, the persuasive power of mental models and the impact of measurement and metaphor.

Beyond the Fantastic Voyage- Designer John McGhee talks on the art and politics of medical imaging. He argues that conventional neuroimaging separates body and mind - and that art can re-unite these ways of seeing and knowing. Clinical research academic Dr Angelica Thompson-Butel talks about her collaboration with McGhee and their research into the use of creative 3D visualisations in stroke patient education and rehabilitation.

Mapping Memory- Media artist Volker Kuchelmeister describes The Amnesia Atlas project, which brings together artists and neuroscientists to explore the question of what memory looks like.

Creativity in Art and Science - Cognitive neuroscientist Joel Pearson looks at the mechanics and measurement of processes that are fundamental to creative practice, such as discovery, imagination, failure and decision-making.

The Entanglement of Brain, Behaviour and Technology - Professor Anna Munster asks how neuroscience could learn new ways of imagining what to do with our brains from the ways in which artists approach thinking, behaviour and perception?


1PM - 4PM

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Art, Science, technology and the brain
Drawing on research from UNSW Art & Design, this program brings together prototypes and provocations that probe how we imagine, investigate and influence our brain through new technologies. LEVEL 1, PIER 2/3