Lunchtime Talk: Jacqui Newling

Gastronomer Jacqui Newling explores the food and flavours on offer in Sydney's Garden Palace - from the refreshment stalls to formal fare in the respectable dining establishments, and from the exhibitors themselves.

Jacqui Newling is resident gastronomer at Sydney Living Museums. She is 'the Cook' in SLM’s The Cook and the Curator blog, author of Eat your history: stories and recipes from Australian kitchens (2015) and hosts regular colonial gastronomy workshops in SLM’s historic properties. Jacqui explores Australian cultural history through food – not simply what history can tell us about food, but what food reveals about us – our history, our heritage and our identity – past and present. Drawing from old menus, cookbooks and manuscript recipes, she takes a hands-on approach, working with obscure ingredients and traditional methods to rediscover arcane tastes, forgotten flavours, lost culinary arts and techniques.