Lunchtime Talk: Dr Peter Yanada McKenzie


Dr Peter Yanada McKenzie (Eora/Anaiwan) relates the history of the local Aboriginal community of La Perouse, including the ongoing cultural practice of boomerang-making and shell work.

Dr Peter Yanada McKenzie is an Eora/Anaiwan man of the historic La Perouse Aboriginal community in Sydney. He has had diverse experience as a practising artist, musician, project manager, university lecturer, researcher and Aboriginal committee member in several organisations. In 1985, he worked as Aboriginal Liaison Officer/Exhibitions Developer at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, and in 1987 as an Aboriginal Liaison Officer/Project Coordinator with the New South Wales branch of Museums Australia. Peter took on the role of Project Officer/Aboriginal Programs at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, in 1990, and curated an international Aboriginal art presentation (representing the Australian Government during the French Bicentenary celebrations) at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris for the major exhibition Magiciens de la Terre in 1989.