Led by Dr Kerry Sanders

We tend to have conflicting intuitions about the nature of existence. On the one hand, it seems the most obvious thing in the world - it applies to everything. On the other hand, if asked to define it, we would tend to give a list of things that exist: apples, planets, babies and computers. But this is an evasion of the question - it is not a question of what exists, but what it means for anything to exist. Looking at the writings of Martin Heidegger, we ask why we find the idea of ‘the void’ so confronting and overwhelming. Just why are we so afraid of ‘nothing’? We look at ideas of emptiness and space, and ask whether we might make ‘more and more of less and less’.

Dr Kerry Sanders gained her PhD in Philosophy at the University of Sydney. Her specialist areas are: aesthetics, phenomenology, postmodernism and political philosophy. She is currently lecturing at the University of Sydney at the Centre for Continuing Education. Kerry has published academic papers on the phenomenology of art,contemporary Romanticism in art, postmodernism and political theory. Kerry has also had two poetry books published.