In Conversation: HEATHER ROSE

Award-winning novelist Heather Rose sat in silent gaze with Marina Abramović four times during The Artist is Present at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, in 2010. The Atrium, the novel which emerged from this experience, was written while she was inaugural writer-in-residence at the Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart (2012-3). In conversation with Sue Saxon, Heather Rose reflects on the impact of Marina’s practice and its relationship to shamanistic ritual.

Heather Rose is an award-winning author who lives in Tasmania. Her life has been defined by her fascination with the human experience and our relationship with nature. Her first novel, White Heart, was drawn from her personal experiences participating in Native American spiritual life over four years. Since then Heather has written four further novels, including The Butterfly Man and The River Wife. Heather began her professional life as an advertising copywriter in Melbourne and has created several highly successful businesses and an international arts festival.

Sue Saxon has more than 20 years experience in art education and as a practising artist. She has been Education and Public Program Manager for Kaldor Public Art Projects since 2011, producing a diverse range of public and engagement programs for continually expanding audiences. Sue worked as Youth and Public Programs Co-ordinator at MCA between 1991-2000 and as Visual Arts Co-ordinator of Sydney Festival from 2001-2005. She has been the recipient of numerous prizes, scholarships and residencies in New York, Paris and Budapest and her work has been widely exhibited and collected in Australia and overseas.

In Conversation: Heather Rose from Kaldor Public Art Projects on Vimeo.