Led by Dr Monima Chadha

In this talk we examine how philosophers have approached the question of boundaries between the self and others. Where does one end and the other begin? Looking predominantly at the philosophies and writings of Buddha and Buddhist thought, we challenge traditional boundaries between the self and others. The self, in Buddhist terms, is intrinsically interconnected with others and can be understood as a narrative construction which is co-created by the self and by others. We discuss this Buddhist-inspired narrative view of the self and challenges to it, inspired by a Buddhist view of mind and consciousness.

Dr Monima Chadha is currently Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Monash University, Melbourne. Her research focuses on the cross-cultural philosophy of mind, specifically the Classical Indian and Contemporary Western Philosophy of mind, and she is at the forefront of research to integrate insights on mind, consciousness and the self from across these philosophical traditions and the cognitive neurosciences. Her work has been published in leading philosophical journals, and she is currently writing a book on the philosophical evolution of mind in Buddhism.