Join Richard Long and Tony Bond at the Art Gallery of New South Wales where they will discuss Long's recent contribution to the John Kaldor Family Collection.

Richard Long is one of Britain’s best known land artists. In the 1960s he helped to redefine traditional approaches to sculpture and existing studio practices by creating objects and performing actions in the natural environment. Photographs of these intangible experiences are often the only evidence of these activities, becoming art objects themselves. In 1977 Long created a series of new works in both Sydney and Melbourne for the Kaldor Public Art Project 7. In addition to large new sculptural works for this project, he also created A Straight Hundred Mile Walk in Australia, walking daily for a set period of time in a remote area outside Broken Hill in NSW and each night returning to the same campsite. The hundred miles refers to the cumulative total of these daily walks, which were recorded in a series of photographs of the same name. In May 2011, works by Long including a new wall drawing, will be on display in the new contemporary galleries as part of the John Kaldor Family Collection.

Richard Long with his work Stone Line created for Kaldor Public Art Project 7 at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 1977.