Film screenings and Artist’s Choice

5pm: Film screening
6pm: Artist’s Choice

Evenings In Residence promises to be a highlight of our public engagement program as the 12 Australian Residency Artists working and living at the Pier offer insights into their concerns and responses to Marina Abramović: In Residence.

Introduced by Sophie O’Brien, international co-curator of the Artist Residency, the screenings commence at 5pm, as each artist presents a program of films which have influenced their work, on themes of performance, endurance, time, the body and choreography.

From 6pm, artists reveal their creative processes and inspirations in a format of their choice. Whether an intimate performance, black-tie salon, song recital or rousing debate – be prepared for the unexpected in the Artist’s Choice.

Wednesday 24 June 

presented by Clark Beaumont (Sarah Clark & Nicole Beaumont)

Thursday 25 June 
presented by Nicola Gunn

Friday 26 June
presented by Sarah Rodigari

Saturday 27 June 
presented by Frances Barrett

Sunday 28 June 
presented by Sophie O'Brien

Monday 29 June 
presented by Sarah-Jane Norman

Tuesday 30 June
presented by Kaldor Public Art Projects

Wednesday July 
presented by Natalie Abbott

Thursday 2 July 
presented by Lottie Consalvo

Friday 3 July 
presented by George (Poonkhin) Khut

Saturday 4 July 
presented by zin (Harriet Gillies & Roslyn Helper)

Sunday 5 July 
presented by Christian Thompson