Video conference: Create sound art in the classroom

In this interactive session, students have the opportunity to create a collaborative performance with electronic artist Pia van Gelder, direct from the classroom. Using the video conference itself as an artistic medium, this work looks at the history of sound in the arts and the deep conversation that has continued between music and art to this day.

Students will develop an understanding of the importance of space in sound, both physical and virtual, by reenacting and appropriating the famous work by Alvin Lucier, I am Sitting in a Room (1969). Through his composition, which was written as a series of instructions, the American composer and artist demonstrated how our physical environment can be used as an instrument to affect sound. Following Lucier's suggestion that the work could be "recycled through many rooms", Pia will guide students through a performance exercise, using the video conference to create an entirely new collaborative work, We are Sitting in Our Classrooms.

This program, presented in partnership with the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences, is aimed at secondary students (stage 4 – 6) in visual arts, photography & digital media and music.

Students will be encouraged to develop critical appreciation and listening skills, as they explore the relationships between art, music, sound and technology.

  • Tuesday 24 October, 12-1pm
  • Wednesday 25 October, 10-11am
  • Wednesday 25 October, 12-1pm

45-60 minutes, including Q&A with artist Pia van Gelder
Requirements: DART connection or in-browser technology; access to simple recording device, such as computer or tablet with built-in or external microphone.

Cost: FREE for all students
Bookings essential. For more information, contact our education team.



Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 October 2017

Add to Calendar Australia/Sydney Video conference: Create sound art in the classroom Re-enact a famous piece of sound art and explore the role of sound in art, with electronic artist Pia van Gelder.  Connect from your classroom


Connect from your classroom


FREE – Bookings essential