Anniversary of the Garden Palace Fire

Commemorate the anniversary of the 1882 Garden Palace fire with a program of free special events and one-off evening access to barrangal dyara (skin and bones).

Wiradjuri Language Program: Parkes Students Present 4pm

Students from Parkes, central NSW, talk to Jonathan Jones about the significance of learning language, and the representation of language on site at barrangal dyara (skin and bones).

Stories with Aunty Julie Freeman 5pm

A senior cultural knowledge holder, Aunty Julie Freeman (Gorawarl/Jerrawongarla) relates important creation narratives for the local environment.

Book Launch 6pm

Join us for the official launch of the book barrangal dyara (skin and bones) with Kim McKay AO, Executive Director and CEO of the Australian Museum, John Kaldor and Jonathan Jones.

Gondwana Choirs 7pm

Choristers from Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir and the Sydney Children’s Choir come together to perform a set of poignant pieces chosen by Artistic Director Lyn Williams in collaboration with Jonathan Jones. The program will include works by Australian composers Alice Chance, Paul Jarman and Luke Byrne.

Performance by Bangarra Dance Theatre 7:30pm

Bangarra Dance Theatre responds to barrangal dyara (skin and bones) in a performance which recalls the burning of Sydney's Garden Palace. The short 15-minute performance will see the ensemble breathe life into Jonathan Jones’ bleached white shields.

With new music created by Muruwari/Dharawal songman Matthew Doyle and composer Steve Francis, this dance work is a representation and revival of the lost cultural objects that were so significant to the history and language of Australia's south-east.

This event operates on a first come first served basis. Arrive early to secure a spot.


22 September 2016, 4pm

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