YOUR VERY GOOD IDEA Frequently Asked Questions

Monday, May 12, 2014

We have received a flood of emails from artists about YOUR VERY GOOD IDEA, and thought we should address the most frequently asked questions here on our blog. Have a read, and if you still have questions please don't hesitate to contact us at

How Australian is Australian?
- This a project developed especially to support Australian artists. You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident to apply.
- I've spent a lot of time in Australia, but i'm not 'technically' a citizen or permanent resident. Can I apply?

Unfortunately you cannot apply.
- I've been living in Australia for an extended period of time but my permanent resident papers are still being processed. Can I apply?
Unfortunately you cannot apply.
- We are a collaboration, and only one of us isn't Australian. Can we apply?
Unfortunately you cannot apply.
- I'm from New Zealand, can I apply?
Unfortunately you cannot apply.

How will the successful idea be selected?
- Kaldor Public Art Projects will assess the initial stages of the selection process internally, adhering to best practice recommendations to assure a fair and non-biased selection process.
- A group of semi-finalists will be assessed by the International Selection Panel who will then select five finalists.
- The final five will present their ideas to the selection panel who will make the final decision.

When will the successful project be realised?

The timeline depends on the complexity of the successful idea. A simple idea may be realisable by the end of 2014, however a more complex one may take significantly more time.

Who owns the copyright of the final artwork?
The Artist. Kaldor Public Art Projects and the Artist will own joint copyright of the photographic and video documentation of the project.

What is the budget?
We do not have a recommended figure. Each Artist should present an accurate costing of their proposed idea. If the concept is exceptional, but appears too costly, the artist will be contacted by Kaldor Public Art Projects to discuss their budget before the Selection Panel assesses their proposal.

We work as a collaboration, can we apply?

I am an architect/filmmaker/designer. Can I apply?
Yes, so long as you adhere to the project criteria. If you are not sure if you fit into the '3 years exhibition' part of the criteria, please contact us at for guidance.

We work as a collaboration, but one of us is an architect/filmmaker/designer/engineer and doesn't have the 3 years exhibition experience required. Can we apply?

Yes. So long as at least one of you has the required exhibition experience, you may apply.

I have already proposed my idea to another arts program or funding body. Can I submit it to YOUR VERY GOOD IDEA as well?
No. All submissions must be original and exclusive to YOUR VERY GOOD IDEA.