New Videos

Friday, September 02, 2011

We have recently uploaded fresh interviews with two past Kaldor project artists, Christo and Jeff Koons, to share with you. Watch Christo reminisce about the very first Kaldor Public Art Project, Wrapped Coast, from 1969, and see Jeff Koons speak about the multitude of decisions that go into constructing a 12.4-metre high puppy made of flowers for the 10th Kaldor Public Art Project in 1995.

In these new interviews conducted by Caroline Constantine, Christo shares his memories of his Kaldor project Wrapped Coast in 1969 and discusses the ideas behind the 40 years of wrapped objects, sites and spaces that he created with his partner and collaborator Jeanne-Claude. Koons recalls the creation of his Kaldor project, Puppy, in 1995 which was presented outside the MCA and reflects on observations of the baroque that inspired this extraordinary work.

Watch Christo and Jeff Koons on their project pages.