Thursday, May 07, 2015

In a series of short clips, we hear from Marina Abramović on a range of subjects, from her time in Australia in the early 1980s to her funeral plans and love of icecream, and of course about her upcoming project at Pier 2/3 this June.

More films will be added weekly so stay tuned.


1. Marina on: ice cream and not being perfect

Marina might have a strict regime to help her prepare for major performances and projects but here, she talks about ice cream, shitty books and why you can't be perfect all the time.


2. Marina on: material possessions and notions of home

As we welcome Marina to Sydney in anticipation of her upcoming project and exhibition, we hear from Marina on where home is for her - and why materials possessions aren't important. 

3. Marina on: music and bad performance artists

Reflecting on the enormous energy required of performance artists, Marina talks about bad performance art in the 1970s and why music is the highest form of expression.


4. Marina on: your upbringing as a blueprint

The moment and society into which you are born becomes a blueprint for your existence. So what did it mean to Marina to grow up in a Communist society? And what about today?


5. Marina on: Smelling like nature


Battling hundreds of flies was just one of many obstacles that Marina and Ulay had to overcome during their time in the Australian desert in the early 1980s. Here Marina explains her relationship to the flies and what they taught her about nature.


6. Marina on: The indigenous influences in her work


In the early 1980s Marina and Ulay spent six months in the Australian desert with the Pintupi and Pitjantjatjara people. She credits this time with her earliest understandings of what it means to live in the present.