Jonathan Jones: Mandaang guwu (thank you)

Thursday, August 09, 2018

MANDAANG GUWU (thank you) to everyone who has contributed gawuraa (feathers) to the giran gulbanha (wind philosophy) project.

I have been completely overwhelmed with the extraordinary generosity of those who provided feathers. In so many ways this process has been enormously heart-warming. From school classes, to walking groups, and some diehard individuals, the response has been fantastic. We have so many feathers that we can successfully curate the feathers into six specific groups for the project, which is really exciting.

I have learnt so much from you about your local environment and the birds that live in your area. Many of your notes and comments have been really generous and have shown how important it is to engage with our local environments.

I also acknowledge that many of you paid for postage and contributed not only with your time in finding the gawuraa but financially, so again mandaang guwu. In the coming weeks I will collate a full list of everyone who contributed. Please look over the list and let us know if I have missed anyone’s name (apologies in advance). I will also be providing an update on the work as it is created so you can keep track of the project.

Again, a sincere and heart-felt mandaang guwu to everyone.

Jonathan Jones