Jonathan Jones: Simple Ways to Manage Introduced Species

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

In Australia we have a number of introduced bird species, including feral pigeons (Columba livia domestica), the house sparrow (Passer domesticus) and the common myna (Acridotheres tristis), sometimes called the Indian myna. Many of these introduced birds compete not just with native birds but with all native animals, creating a number of problems.

The issues around how to deal with introduced and feral animals are complicated. From a position of looking after our native habitat and flora and fauna, the argument is to control them.

We can help control these introduced bird species in urban areas in three really simple ways:

  • Control our garbage — put rubbish in sealed bins and don't leave food scraps outdoors
  • Minimise nesting sites — fill holes, cracks and crevices in your home and buildings
  • Support native birds with native plants


Each week Jonathan Jones shares stories of native Australian birds, touching on their importance, the issues they face and what we can learn from them. Jones' upcoming artwork for the 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art requires thousands of native Australian bird feathers, which he needs your help to find.

Image 1: The house sparrow. Photo D&M Trounson © Australian Museum

Image 2: Common myna. Photo via Bird in Backyards

Image 3: Feral pigeon. Photo Donald Trounson © Australian Museum