Ivey Wawn

Sunday, November 22, 2015

We are sifting through my modes of perception

We do not settle into something

We feel the group

We see the group

We hear the group

We are together

We speak as ‘we’ when we speak for ‘i’

The actions settle on us

Our bodies settle into shapes

We are moving toward. Which is also moving away.

I am communicating in ways that avoid answers or avoid settlement.

Somebody asked me what I am learning. I said that I am learning a lot and that it was hard to say exactly what I'm learning. And then I said something like; “I am learning how to continue to question, and that answers are an end point, which are not so interesting to me. So I am learning how to have answers that are also questions.”

Then I wondered about what I meant by this. What was I doing in saying that to her?

It was an answer with an end in a way.