Casting Call

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kaldor Public Art Projects is seeking Army, Navy or Airforce war veterans for a Santiago Sierra artwork, part of our most ambitious project to date, Project 27: 13 Rooms.


Passionate about veteran issues and believe the public should be more aware of them? You should apply! Servicemen and women of the ADF with war service, both able bodied and disabled are required.


You will need to be available from 9th-21st April, 2013


A financial contribution will be made for your participation


About the role:
The participant's role is to embody, for a short time, the plight of war veteran soldiers all over the world. The participant will stand in the corner, facing a wall, in one of 13 purpose built spaces in Pier 2/3, Walsh Bay, Sydney. The participant must remain silent for the duration of their performance.


About the artwork:
Santiago Sierra is an artists who, through this artwork, uses art as a catalyst to spark debate about the difficulties experienced by war veterans. Sierra is concearned that society appears disinterested in the fact that war veterans have represented their country, engaged in a conflict and suffered as a result of their experiences. Sierra aims to bring society's apathetic attitude to the public's consciousness.


About the artist:
Kaldor Public Art Projects brought Santiago Sierra to Australia for the first time for Project 22 in 2010. Sierra (b. 1966) is a Spanish artist living in Madrid who's sculptures, performances and actions extend the vocabulary of minimalism to address contemporary social and political issues.


email us at if you are interested in participating.