Friday, March 15, 2013




Give it time
The last thing you want to be feeling is rushed when you visit 13 Rooms. These artworks change over time, and sometimes the ambience of each work isn’t apparent without spending investing some solid time into soaking it all in. Pier 2/3 has not only been transformed into an exhibition space either. We’ve developed a rich program of public talks, discussions, workshops and film screenings and our education hub, Library, pop up café and bar are available and active for the duration of the show. We’d love for you to stick around to soak up a bit of the context surrounding the project, and to share some thoughts over a coffee.  


The sculptures are human
When you’re viewing performance art, believe it or not but it’s easy to forget that what you’re watching is an actual person with a life and history of it’s own. All the works in 13 Rooms are being interpreted by Sydney siders themselves, interpreting an artwork that was created in a different place, and often during a very different time. Keep this point in mind for a lovely extra conceptual layer.  

While we’re on this topic - don’t forget that you’re human too. Viewing these types of works can be more of an active relationship than the traditional art viewing experience. As soon as you open the door to each of the rooms you’ll be thrown into a unique space. You might need to walk straight through, crouch down to see or be encouraged to converse with the art.  


I don’t get it!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh the art worlds biggest deterrent. These 4 words can pop pretty quickly into anyone’s mind when viewing contemporary art, threatening to disengage you in a heartbeat. The biggest word of advice we can give – is to ignore this little phrase, and whatever you do don’t panic if you feel it creeping up behind you. Want to know the secret to making sense of an artwork? Be open to misunderstanding, and leave the sense making until later. Often works make sense to us further down the track – and if not, that’s perfectly fine too. We’ve also got a bunch of pretty clever folk down at the Pier for you to ask questions to, plus the education hub can help to put it all into perspective.




Kaldor Public Art Project 27: 13 Rooms, Episode 1 from Kaldor Public Art Projects on Vimeo.