Project Resources

Kaldor Public Art Projects is committed to providing opportunities for primary, secondary and tertiary students to engage with groundbreaking contemporary art. Alongside our dynamic programs of workshops, talks and events, we offer a range of learning resources for use in the classroom, as well as school tours and presentations.

Education Kits are available for key projects from our 50-year history, from Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Wrapped Coast (1969) through to the present. Each kit contains information on the artist, their practice, and the context and development of the project, along with engaging classroom activities and issues for research and discussion. Our full-colour Education Kits are available free of charge for primary, secondary and tertiary students and teachers, and can be downloaded below.

The Kaldor education kits allow a deep and broad analysis of contemporary art practice written with intelligence and insight… The kits lead to exciting, insightful and pertinent classroom discussion and debate and to deep analytical writing.
 - Katrina Collins, Head Teacher, Visual Arts, SCEGGS, Darlinghurst


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