4 July 2015

The Residency Artists perform upstairs at Pier 2/3 from 12-5pm.

A blackboard, with a simple map and writing in white chalk, which reads: “Upstairs. 1, Lottie Consalvo, 1-5pm. 2, Frances Barrett, 1-5pm. 3, Frances Barrett with Emma Pike, 1-2pm. 4, Christian Thompson, 12-5pm. 5, Nicola Gunn, 12-5pm. 6, Frances Barrett, conversations, 3-5pm. 7, Natalie Abbott, 12-5pm. 8, Sarah Rodigari, 12-5pm, in bed with Madonna. 9, Albert Tucker Slow Coffee! 10, George Khut, 1-5pm. 11, zin, 12-5pm. 12, Sarah-Jane Norman, 1-5pm. 13, Clark Beaumont, 12-5pm. Evenings in Residence, zin presents a curated stream of videos on YouTube. 6-7pm, zin hosts an informal panel discussion with selected visitors to Marina Abramović In Residence.”