14 May 2015

My approach to making work includes responding to the project brief in the site where the work is presented. In short, this means I won’t know what will happen until I arrive at Pier 2-3. The artwork will only be realised in the process of its making, live in the present moment and in relation to you, the viewer.

My methodology will include: no artifice, or promise of enlightenment, or tricks, or entrances, or exits or asides. There are no margins. I will not be pulling the wool over your eyes. There will be no monologues. I will not ask you to be on my side, or invite you to conspire and nor will you be an eyewitness to an event.

What is at stake between us? Perhaps we all want to participate and at the same time be left alone and because we cannot have both, we are always in conflict.

The public nature of this project implies a certain interruption. Participating in this project implies a detour. It seems to me that the best way to encounter the practice of performance is by immersing oneself further into the performance so that we reach a limit at which point something like an encounter beyond our control can happen. I invite you to be a part of this. This is the content of my work. This encounter may be addressed though the mechanism of a joke, a punchline built into the structure of our relationship, in which we encounter a limit that disorients us, moving us to view things differently and hopefully with some humour.

Addressing the notion of limits, this project will be unavoidably difficult. I want to engage directly with what is at stake in this immediacy: that is the relationship between us—you (the viewer) and me (the artist) in the live encounter of this residency.


– Sarah Rodigari