2 July 2015

Our days are so full. Mike Parr, Jill Orr, Nicola Gunn. I notice that “performance artists” in Australia favour the ‘rr’—lion-like. I have two ‘i’s in my name.

Downstairs you can slow down. Through doing as little as possible—something happens: it’s the journey versus the end point etc. I notice that those who spend time in the space enjoy their experience much more than those who pass through it quickly (LOL, an obvious observation). Life favours you when you are present, that mindfulness kind of thing.

Upstairs is about doing things—activating the space. Although to be clear, there is no expected outcome. Since I arrived, I have produced the following:

A two–hour public program

Two installations, connecting my sleeping cabin with the larger residency space.

A three–hour open mike talk fest with Christian Thompson.

A one–hour open mike talk fest with Marina—“doing nothing until something happens“, as she called it (the same could be said of all my work, I think to myself).

I have met and spoken to around 100 people. Perhaps you were one of these people? In these conversations we share our experiences. I feel vulnerable: I think you are too? How often do we share our thoughts with random strangers? This discomfort is a mild pleasure.

Today I am attempting to hire an actor to sing, dance and be “present“ on my behalf. Sometimes making art is boring. It involves sitting quietly, looking deeply into colours and or other such things.


– Sarah Rodigari