Artist Bio

Mike Parr
Widely known as a performance artist, Mike Parr’s career has produced videos, photographs, drawings and installations. In 1970 Parr along with Peter Kennedy organised the first artist run space in Australia, Inhibodress, as a rejection of the commercial gallery system. Much of Parr’s work is an attempt to address identity and self-representation while pushing the boundaries of his own physical limits. Parr is known as one of the most outstanding artists of his generation.

Imants Tillers
Imants Tillers was an architecture student at when he participated with Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Wrapped Coast in 1969. Inspired by his experience working on the project, Tillers is now regarded as one of Australia’s most important artist’s of his generation. A child of immigrant Latvian parents who met in a displaced person’s camp, many of his large-scale paintings address the complexities of migration and displacement within contemporary concepts of place.

Ken Unsworth
Ken Unsworth’s art is founded in the magic and mystery of hidden forces.His work spans four decades in many different mediums: site-specific land-based art, performance (with his own body used as a component in the presentation), motorised relief works, work with river stones (his Suspended stone circle II in the Art Gallery of NSW is one of Australia’s most popular public works), large bitumen drawings, maquettes, and room-sized installations.